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Like a personal trainer for hunting.

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The Fair Chance Hunting School teaches much of what you need to know to provide food for yourself and your family, the same way our ancestors did for 1000 generations before us.

You will learn how a predator takes prey in a way that is respectful to the environment, the quarry, fellow hunters and non-hunters alike. 

You will learn the process, the mechanics, and the ethics involved in this life and death endeavor. 

Most of all, you will gain the wisdom that comes from knowing the environment, the weapons and the skill and hard work required to put food you harvested on your table.

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Fair Chance hunting is the philosophy of taking your prey quickly, humanely and from a distance of 35 yards or less.

Hunting at these distances requires you to have to have your outdoor skills honed, your camouflage flawless, your scent controlled, your understanding of the prey’s behavior dialed in and your shot perfectly placed.  

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Respect and wisdom are really what we teach. 

Hunting is just the method.

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